Riga engineering center

Result Experience Competence

high expertise in mechanical engineering
experience and expertise in engineering
CAE, structural design, stregth calculation, structural stress analysis, full cysle engineering support
more than 10 years of experience in CAE
more than 10 years of experience in structural design
more than 10 years of experience in strength calculations

Riga engineering center

Engineering center in Riga
Engineering center in Europe

REC-cost saving with high quality engineering partner for the projects in following industries:

  • Aerospace / Aviation
  • Automotive
  • Rolling stock
  • Robotics
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Renewable Energy
  • Medico/Healthcare equipment
  • Shipbuilding
  • Food Processing equipment
  • Tooling
CAE solutions
CAE, structural design, strength calculation and full engineering support

Cycle Engineering Support

Full cycle engineering support from design to production
engineering partner in aerospace and aviation
CAE (computer-aided engineering)

Project Management

  • Pro-Active Project management
  • Project Parties Interface
  • Process Design and Improvement

Structural Design

  • Concept Design
  • Primary/Secondary/Payloads/
    Systems/Parts, Assemblies and Installations Design (Metal, Composites, Hybrids)
  • 2D to 3D conversion

Structural Stress Analysis

  • Finite Element Modeling/Analysis
  • Static and Dynamic - linear and non-linear
  • Fatigue and Damage Tolerance
  • Weight Optimization (in partnership with TGM Lightweight Solution GMBH

Test and Production Support

  • Test programs preparation
  • Test rigs design and stress analysis
  • Production and Maintenance Tooling Design

Engineering Software Tools

  • MSC Patran/ Nastran/APEX/Marc
  • Ansys
  • SolidWorks
  • Catia
  • Siemens NX software
  • Engineering Software tools development
CAE, strength calculation, strength analysis

Riga Engineering Center represents Results Experience Competences

Choosing R-E-C as your engineering partner, you win:

  • High quality
  • Resource optimization
  • Reasonable cost
  • Further development opportunities with CAE
  • Innovative vision

We are striving for excellence in CAE where our competence are:

  • Professional CAE skills
  • Advanced usage of strength calculation
  • High expertise in mechanical engineering
  • Reliable strength calculation of the structure and single elements of the structure
  • Full support engineering cycle

Our experience in use of CAE and strength calculation covers many of engineering industries:

  • Partnership in innovative projects
  • Participation in complex engineering projects
  • Professional strength calculation
  • Responsible test and production support